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Our Social Responsibility

SIMBIRSK NEFTEPRODUKT LLC is a responsible member of the civil society and a bona fide player on the market.

High standards at field of care about staff

SIMBIRSK NEFTEPRODUKT LLC is a responsible member of the civil society and a bona fide player on the market. While realizing its responsibility towards all the stakeholders in the regions of its presence, the Company pursues a socially responsible policy in the area of environmental protection and environmental management system, handles labor and employment issues, organizes large-scale charitable events and sponsorship campaigns.

SIMBIRSK NEFTEPRODUKT LLC develops the Company’s responsible business practices in the field of charity, social partnership, environment, and support to indigenous minor nations of the North.

Understanding the degree of responsibility to the society for ensuring the safety and health of personnel and the public, rational use of natural resources and preservation of a favorable ecological situation, SIMBIRSK NEFTEPRODUKT LLC is guided in its work by the highest standards in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and the environment. In 2017, as a result of an independent audit, SIMBIRSK NEFTEPRODUKT LLC confirmed the compliance of the Industrial Safety, Health and Environment Management System with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001 (Environmental management system) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational health and safety management systems). The corresponding certificates have been received.


Guided by our vision and values, our Board of Directors and Corporate Officers are committed to demonstrating the highest standard of ethics.

The Board of Directors of SIMBIRSK NEFTEPRODUKT LLC directs the affairs of the corporation and is committed to sound principles of corporate governance. They bring a proven track record of success across a broad range of experiences at the policy making level in business; expertise in science, technology, engineering, research or academia; extensive knowledge of governmental, regulatory, legal or public policy issues; expertise in finance, financial disclosure or financial accounting; experience in global business or international affairs; environmental experience and service on public company boards.

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Sustainable development objectives are integrated into the general business strategy and achieved as part of the target programs and development plans developed for specific business segments.

While developing and approving plans, budgets and investment programs, the Board of Directors takes into account the objectives outlined in the Environmental Safety Program of the SIMBIRSK NEFTEPRODUKT LLC Group Organizations, as well as in the Policy and Functional Strategy for Personnel Management, and in the charity and sponsorship programs. Achievement of strategic objectives is monitored at the strategic and operative levels.

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